5 Steps to your Built-in GPS for Life

What a glorious day for a road trip!
Thanks to GPS, travelling has never been easier and adventures have never been more successful because we know where we are headed and we are confident that an effective tool will not let us down in guidance and direction.
But what about in the unpredictable and incredible journey called “life”- what are we using to ensure we get to where we want to go?
What are we relying on for support when there are unforeseen roadblocks ahead or we take a wrong turn?
What prevents and protects us from tempting shortcuts, from missing a right turn because we are distracted and what ultimately keeps us on track?
We each have a natural GPS inside us made up of 5 fundamental elements:
1. Now – This is where I am now. My starting point of reference. We cannot change what we do not acknowledge and if we want to move forward – we need to be honest about where we are now and what changes, improvements, refinements and growth we’d like to make happen.
2. Vision – This is our “destination.” This is where we want our life to be and this is how we see our ideal future. It is the core and creation of a meaningful, purposeful life that is guided by a clear plan. If we don’t have one, we have to get one. Every activity and investment we make with our time, resources, talents and abilities is done with our vision in mind. It is what motivates and inspires us to do more and be more. Without purpose we become a “wandering generality.” When we have a vision, our behavior, thoughts and feelings are proactive and do not depend solely on circumstances. When we practice being the person of our dreams, we inevitably become that and inevitably successfully manage our life.
3. Passion – This is what we cannot live without. For our life to be great, and by great I mean full of vitality, energy, drive and fire, we need to do what we love. We need to fill our time and schedules with people, places and things that we absolutely love. Having an accessible list of “passion chargers” that refuel our batteries when we feel tired, depleted, negative and uninspired will ignite that source within that keeps us moving forward. Our passion is our fuel. Without it, we stay stuck. With it, we get to enjoy every minute and have fun on the move.
4. Values – Our values are the things that are most important to us. Because our values are dynamic, they may change depending on where we are going, why we are going there, where we are leaving from and who we are traveling with. Our values are the signs along the way that remind us that we are certainly going the right way. When we live each day with integrity and are true to ourselves,  aligned with what truly matters to us, we are reassured by our values that we are headed in the right direction.
5. Goals – These are the essential pit-stops we take along the way. To think of an entire journey can be massively overwhelming. If we break up the lengthy drive into shorter distances, we can enjoy each segment as we reach each mini-destination. A life without goals that are specific, measureable, attainable, related to our vision and timed will ultimately lead to disappointment. Goals that are SMART, will ensure that our journey is feasible and practical and will lead to satisfaction, productivity and successes.
Life works like nature. And the same way we can’t rush a flower to grow or a tide to wane, we can’t rush the accomplishable arrival of our vision destination. Timing is everything. Things happen that we don’t always plan or expect along the way.
With a responsible and faithful GPS within ourselves (Our vision, passions, values, and goals) we will not only arrive at our destination at the right time feeling sensational, but we will cherish the journey too, and most of the time, that in itself is one of the very best parts!
Travel safe!

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