A Mother’s Day Tribute

One of the many life theories I have studied over the past few years is by a man Bill Levacy when I was mastering my personal passion test. His wisdom encapsulates the essence of what is required to create anything you want in your life.
In short, with just 3 simple steps, we can create the experiences we desire:
Intention – Consciously setting our intention about what we choose to create in our life
Attention – Focusing and directing our time, talents, gifts, energies and resources to these that we wish to create in our life
No tension – Living and being open and present to the moment, releasing what is not in our control, by being concerned with getting clear about the what’s in our life as opposed to the how’s.
Having children is a perfect way to reaffirm this mantra.
Intention – We choose to be a certain kind of parent. we choose the values we wish to instill and share with our children. we choose the lifestyle we wish to offer them. We choose the role models we wish to be for them and we choose the stories we wish to tell them. Setting the intention of what: what do I want to give, teach, share, explore, learn, achieve, provide, inspire and develop for my children.
Attention – With every fiber of parental being, our time, talents, energies and resources – we devote to their health, growth, happiness and wellbeing. We give them what we feel is best for them to be able to thrive and self-actualize.
No tension – We then let go. We hope and pray that all our investments of mind, body and soul will pay off and that we will hopefully be blessed and privileged to raise competent, courageous, fulfilled, successful, independent, giving, caring, kind, sensitive, compassionate and offspring who are above all else  –  happy. Millions of parents from around the world want just this..
And as much as we play an essential role through our intentions and attentions in our parenting, it’s not entirely up to us. Yes, we can set our intentions as parents and yes, we can focus everything we could possibly be, do and have on our children and their best interests. We do our very best we can with what we have. And that is huge. And then we let them be.
This piece is to honor the millions of wonderful devoted mothers who boldly and lovingly make the momentous decision every minute of every day to “forever to have their heart go walking around outside their body”.

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