All We Have Is This Moment

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So many of us at some point in time appear stuck in romances that aren’t working, in jobs that feel meaningless, in bodies we occasionally despise, or in debt we feel helpless to resolve.
And we stay there. We don’t move. We don’t change. We stay still – but the clock still ticks.
Yes – much of our lives are spent waiting for the facts to change and for the right conditions to miraculously show up.
We don’t change because it is safe to stay where we are. We don’t change because we are scared to fail, and to succeed.
And we don’t change now because we think we will always have time, or find more time. And so we will only do so when we are forced to and no longer feel we have a choice.
Time is the one thing we cannot regenerate, even with advances in technology and science – we can’t stop the clock and go backwards.
And that’s why every second counts. And we can never get back a moment that was lost or an opportunity that was missed. Never.
All we have is now. And right now, in this moment, we can step up and play big.
We owe it to ourselves and the universe to create the moments we wish to experience. We owe it to ourselves and the universe to live the changes we want to see and make in our lives. Because this is our chance and if we waste this precious resource, we may not have another chance. We are alive now. Let’s take full advantage!
If we spend our life waiting for better, for more, for less, then all we will gain at the end of the day are hours lost and our current status quo.
Time is a funny thing. We spend so much of it living off the successes of our past accomplishments and memories or the hopes and dreams of what is yet to come in out futures.
And while we live then and there, we play so small here and now. Isn’t it ironic.
We have absolutely no control over how much of it we are blessed with, but we have absolute control over what we are going to do with it, while we have it.
Together, let’s decide to play big here and now.
  • To do what we love with everything we’ve got
  • To spend time with those we love and be present to every magical moment together
  • To honor our passions and talents and bring out our absolute best
  • To make a difference and leave a legacy by our service and contributions
  • To celebrate our life with gratitude, optimism and faith
  • To rejoice in our health and look after our bodies, minds and souls
Let’s make every second count.
Let’s use our time wisely – guard it, treasure it, live it well, with no regret.

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