To NOT Do List X

A 100% guaranteed way to live a miserable life.

Do not be thankful.

Do not show any gratitude and appreciation whatsoever for everyone and everything you have in your life. Take it all for granted and just assume it’s always going to be there. Don’t let people know how you feel about them and absolutely do not show your feelings or let them know you care deeply.


Do not look after yourself.

Do not eat healthy foods that nourish your body, do not make sure you get sufficient sleep and absolutely not good quality sleep. Do not work out or spend time outdoors in fresh air. No not be active, in fact be as lazy as you could possibly imagine. Do not strengthen your body, or your mind or soul. Do not sit in silence or meditate or rest ever. Do not have routine checkups with your doctor. Push yourself, burn out and don’t stop.

Do not take any responsibility whatsoever for your choices.

Blame others as much as possible. Do not hold on to any power to change your life or your circumstances, be totally passive about whatever comes your way.

Do not take the time to dream, get clarity on your ideal vision and goals.

Walk through life aimlessly, purposelessly and without any deliberate intention to impact anyone or anything. Just be. Don’t set for yourself any meaningful aspirations.

Do not let people see who you really are.

Do not ever leave home without all your masks accounted for. Be who you are not. Don’t unwrap your incredible gifts and please don’t share them with the world – keep them all to yourself. Go right to the end of days with your magnificent talents hidden from sight. Never be authentic or apologetically you. Do not let your guard down or let others see your pain, weakness, idiosyncrasies or truth. Keep them all a secret. No one need to know who you really are – play the facade. Who needs relationships to be based on honesty?

Do not look for the good.

Focus on all the problems and see more of them wherever you look. Always look for what is wrong, not working or missing. Do not try find a lesson or blessing. Keep suffering.

Do not treat people with absolute kindness and respect and do not treat people the way you want to be treated.

Do not care for your environment.

Do not waste your time with litter or waste or recycling. Do not care. Do whatever you feel like doing with no thought about consequences.


Do not make your joy and your values a priority.

Go through your day like a robot on autopilot. Do not have anything to look forward to or get excited about. Keep your day dull, boring, uneventful and without any laughter, fun or enjoyment. Don’t make the most of your time, tomorrow is guaranteed.

Do not see things from another perspective or angle.

Your angle is 100% accurate always. Your particular brain doesn’t delete, distort or generalize any information whatsoever so you can 100% rely on your limited vision. You are always right and it’s never ever worth taking the time to see someone else point of view. You are perfect.

Do not be an encourager, the world has plenty!

Do not show compassion or kindness to yourself or others ever, it’s a sign of weakness. Be harsh, critical and make sure that nothing is ever good enough.


Do not try anything new or take any risks.

Make sure you only do what you have always done. Why would you want a different outcome?

Do not learn, grow or change.

Do not feed your mind or soul.

Do not forgive or apologize. Ever. Hold on to every grudge or resentment with both hands tightly. Never let something go or move on from what was. Dwell on the past as much as possible and move in there. Never say sorry and make things right.

Do not devote any time to benefit others. Do not join any meaningful cause or volunteer your time. Do not make a difference to another life and do not do anything with all of your heart just because you can.

Do not keep moving when things get hard. When a door closes, walk away – in fact run away. Don’t try again, don’t believe in finding a window, don’t be open to other possibilities or second chances. Give up as much as possible as quick as possible.


Do not give yourself permission to live a happy, inspired and purpose-driven life. Do not believe you deserve it or that you are placed in this world to add your unique, beautiful, light that is solely yours. Play small and deprive the people you love of your incredible greatness.

Do not take the time to create a life you love.

Do not print or save this message.



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