Us Humans Have These 7 Superpowers

Good news!
We have a few superpowers that no one can take away from us.
That’s right!
And just when we thought we had to live much of our precious time in “survival” mode, anxious about the competition, safe-guarding our rights and resources, and breathing on edge each day with the notion that for us to win in this lifetime, the people around us have to lose because there’s simply just not enough to go around.
1. We have the power to make choices in every single situation.
This is an incredible gift, often called “free-choice.” In every decision, circumstance and opportunity presented, you have the choice of how to interpret it, what to feel as a result, and inevitably how to act and behave accordingly.
2. We have the power to seek and find good – even in the bad. 
This strength of character is what makes the optimist rise and remain in a realm of possibility where there are always alternatives and where challenges, difficulties and even “failure” are just part of growth. This power enables new lessons to be learned,  new paths to follow, and deep changes to take effect.
3. We have the power to lead by example and become a role model to others just by behaving with integrity. 
How amazing to realize that our children, our friends, our partners, our clients — anyone we interact with can become inspired in some small way by our actions and deeds — no matter how natural and unassuming they may seem. The values we convey by our daily habits and behaviors give us incredible leadership potential and we owe this much to those we love and to those we want to see win.
4. We have the power to do the very best we can with all that you have. 
No one can take away your ability to give 100%. This power is commonly referred to as “will-power” and unfortunately, the unwritten contracts we have with ourselves are usually the first ones we break. We think twice before letting someone else down but move on quite comfortably from letting ourselves down. We deserve to give ourselves 100% and invest 100% of what we have into the things that matter most in our lives.
5.  We have the power to treat others with compassion, dignity and love. 
The way we speak, the way we advise, the way we parent, educate, manage, love, and work can all be handled with care and thought. We have the power to give the benefit of the doubt if we want to. People will always remember how we make them feel and we have an unbelievable amount of influence in all of our interpersonal relationships.
6.  We have the power to do 1% more today than we did yesterday. 
With clear goals, we have the power to do more and be more today than we were the day before. No one said change is easy and no one ever claimed that real transformation happens overnight. Small disciplines over time, as little as 1%, lead to lasting and deep improvements which ultimately get us closer to where we want to be.
7. We have the power to focus our time, energy and resources on the things in our life that bring us health, happiness,  joy, and fulfillment. 
We all battle with the guilt that “giving to myself and following my dreams and ambitions is selfish.” The universe wants us to be ourselves, and the world will benefit far greatly once we are aligned with our passions and feel whole, healthy, and strong. It’s a win-win for everyone when we live with purpose, direction and meaning.
Superheroes don’t merely exist in movies, cartoons and comic books. We each have tremendous natural superpowers that are always available to us should we wish to use them to do so much good in this lifetime.

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